Nondrick’s New Home

Hello again! Jut a quick note to let you know what’s going on with this blog.

Living In Oblivion has a new home, at my other site, Screen Cuisine. The whole shebang has been imported over there, comments included, and the images have all been restored.

If I update it again, which I might, the new updates will only appear over there.

If you’re a fan of my other sites, like Not My Desk, The First-Person Observer, or Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman, they’re all over at Screen Cuisine now too.

You can also find links to all ten entries of my blog about Skyrim, The Elder Strolls, which I wrote for PC Gamer’s website.

That’s it! Thanks for hanging in there!

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171 Comments on “Nondrick’s New Home”

  1. G Says:

    I would like to say, first!

  2. arreh Says:

    Heh, comments included.

  3. arreh Says:

    I wonder if he ever still reads these comments. I wonder if we frighten him.

  4. Ian Says:

    I will be there. Oh, and yes, Arreh. I’m sure we do.

  5. dupersude Says:

    Ian! Ian it’s been farrr too long.

  6. dupersude Says:

    oh wait is that how we do it? I can hardly remember.

  7. arreh Says:

    Testing testing.

  8. Ian Says:

    Score. Italics. Anyway, does anyone know how to subscribe to just the nondrick feed instead of the whole site?

  9. Michael Says:

    Look, an update!

  10. Michael Says:

    No replies? In a month?

    Well, there’s nothing left to do but – LAST

  11. Lizardizzle Says:

    First ever poster gets first last? I’ll take it!

  12. Michael Says:

    Oh no you don’t!

  13. G Says:

    Nope. This is probably going to be between me and Michael.

  14. wimples193 Says:

    Just want to say.

  15. arreh Says:

    Yeah, that ain’t happening.

  16. wimples193 Says:

    You are not stopping me, arreh.

  17. G Says:

    Bitch Please.

  18. G Says:

    No seriously, bitch please.

  19. Michael Says:

    I was pretty serious about being last, you know.

    So. Last.

  20. wimples193 Says:

    You shall never get the last. If I have to outlive you all, I will. Also I’m completely kidding.

  21. G Says:

    Google reader, always telling me late when someone’s posted. Also Last!

  22. Rhymes with Oblivion Says:

    Living in Oblivion,
    Adventureless alchemist,
    Septim’s unlikely minion.
    Thank you, missed columnist.

  23. wimples193 Says:

    This will end up being a long comment war.

  24. Nope.Last

    Not that anybody cares.

  25. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast

  26. wimples193 Says:





  30. wimples193 Says:


  31. wimples193 Says:


  32. wimples193 Says:


  33. wimples193 Says:


  34. wimples193 Says:





  38. G Says:

    Bitch purlease.





  43. wimples193 Says:

    Wow, this is ridiculous.

  44. You’re right, I think everyone should give up.

    You know I’m King of the Wasteland!

  45. wimples193 Says:

    Ah yes, I’m sure you do.

  46. 4 Sirriuous duds, Imma repor ya’ll te de othorotities

  47. wimples193 Says:

    Have fun with that.

  48. wimples193 Says:


  49. deathonumbrellas Says:

    I know.

  50. wimples193 Says:

    This is a great conversation.

  51. deathonumbrellas Says:

    The best there ever was.

  52. wimples193 Says:

    It will go down in history as the greatest comment conversation on this abandoned website.

  53. wimples193 Says:

    That’s great, I’m sure of it too.

  54. I have successfully beaten you.

    Wanna know how? I cared.

    That’s right. I cared enough to be a persistant jackass unlike Jaded Empath-the pathetic Feminazi who relied on flawed, politically influenced logic and impotent lurkers to overwhelm you. I cared enough to frustrate you, to make your normal conversations impossible.

    You can spew your words of defiance all you want-it doesn’t change the fact that I, with my brilliant timing and exceptional wording have kicked you out of the one thing that brought you together.

    Yeah, you may be communicating through other means now…but can you really call it a Hiatus Crew if you aren’t waiting for anything? But then you have to ask yourself what you were REALLY waiting for.

    We all know what that is.


    After establishing friendship through mutual interest you slowly stopped caring whether or not LIO even continued. The only thing that mattered was closure. Knowing that you wouldn’t have to check that site every other day and be disapointed that your Lord and Master Chris Livingston hadn’t updated.

    But what does Chris do? He moves the pages to another site and archives them as if they were ancient texts whose only value was that of history and memory.

    He doesn’t care enough to tell you he’s done with it.

    All he had to do was say he no longer has interest in writing.

    He didn’t care enough to write a single sentence.

    You have been abandoned and cast out, a pantheon of dry personalities and faded glory. A worthless pack of groveling fools.

    And before you ask, I killed the honesty. Only the actor remains.

  55. wimples193 Says:

    Ouch, I may need some ice for that rather lengthy burn.

  56. Sorry, I had just got back from the gym…doing my squat-thrusts.

  57. deathonumbrellas Says:

    it is

  58. wimples193 Says:

    That’s great, I guess I’m supposed to be happy for you.

  59. deathonumbrellas Says:

    you are

  60. deathonumbrellas Says:


  61. Michael Says:


  62. All of you better duck because I’m about to turn left and I don’t want to hit you with my dick.

  63. deathonumbrellas Says:


  64. deathonumbrellas Says:


  65. wimples193 Says:

    Pssh, copying me…

  66. deathonumbrellas Says:

    pssh, copying me…

  67. wimples193 Says:


  68. It’s time for you to go home and be a family man.

  69. wimples193 Says:

    102th Dalmation, I guess

  70. deathonumbrellas Says:


  71. deathonumbrellas Says:

    Large Chicken Sandwichs

  72. deathonumbrellas Says:


  73. Michael Says:


  74. No one can save you here! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

  75. Michael Says:


  76. Ian Says:

    So you guys are still hangin’ around here? I miss the active days. I wish he’d do another skyrim startup. That ending was a little abrupt.

  77. wimples193 Says:

    That would be great. Who knows if that will ever happen. I think some of the other PC gamer guys are going to do a few of those. Happy Valentines Day!

  78. arreh Says:

    Hey, those wordpress bastards fixed the italics bug.

  79. wimples193 Says:

    I’m so happy for you.

  80. Michael Says:

    First they take our updates, then they take our pictures, and now they take our italics?! I think it’s time for a revolution.

  81. wimples193 Says:

    Welp, looks like we need some cotton candy, you can’t have a revolution without cotton candy.

  82. Michael Says:

    Happy April 20th!

  83. wimples193 Says:

    Happy 1 hour later April 20th!

  84. Michael Says:


  85. wimples193 Says:

    Wow, I must be lucky, this is the second time in a row that I checked this just a couple hours after the post before me. WEIRD. I only check every week or two anyway.

  86. arreh Says:

    My best friend’s dad died, chaps. I’m eight all over again, when my best friend’s mum died. Went out to celebrate his life. Goddamn.

  87. Michael Says:


  88. G Says:

    It’s 2014! Is everyone keeping the spirit of Nondrick alive? If not, then play through Skyrim as an NPC!

    Oh better yet wait till the release the mmo, then we can all play together!


  89. Michael Says:

    Wow, G. Can you imagine that? The Hiatus Crew OGs reuniting in the MMOs.

    As NPCs.

  90. Vadermath Says:

    Just to let you crazy chaps know I’m still alive πŸ™‚

  91. G Says:

    You’re alive? I knew throwing enough babies off the bridge would bring you back to life!

  92. Arreh Says:

    Damn, I wondered why I had such a good baby-harvest this year. The village feasts well thanks to you, G.

  93. Derpington Says:

    Almost 2 years now and no new Nondrick has materialized. Time had come to give up all hope.

  94. Michael Says:

    We will never stop watching.

  95. Vadermath Says:

    Sure buddy, but who watches the watchers?! Also holy shit, I just realized that when I started reading this, I was still in primary school, and now I’m starting college πŸ˜€

  96. deathonumbrellas Says:

    wow it’s been a long time

  97. arreh Says:

    I started reading this before I had finished high school, and now I’m in my penultimate year at Oxford. So much time gone by. Nondrick the one constant ❀

  98. G Says:

    I feel ya Arreh. I remember those days.

  99. Michael Says:

    Guys, what if we are the Nondrick?

  100. Sexylegs Says:

    Wait… Wait… WE COULD MAKE MORE NONDRICK. Together, we will load the Nondrick save, play extensively and then compile our work into one glorious Livingston worthy piece of MAGNUM OPUS that will be the new Nondrick chapter.

  101. G Says:

    Who are you? Nevermind.

    Are you saying we should beg Chris for Nondrick’s save file and each play Nondrick with same or similar mods and see how far each of us gets?

  102. Ian Says:

    HI EVERYBODY! I missed you guys… 😦

  103. Michael Says:

    I welcome the idea, G.

    • Vadermath Says:

      I second G’s idea, that would be awesome πŸ™‚ Also yeah, I can’t believe how long this has lasted XD

  104. Michael Says:

    Claiming first post of 2016!

  105. G Says:

    Hello from the other side!

  106. arreh Says:


  107. vadermath Says:


  108. G Says:

    Vaderbruh. We’re always still here, We’ll tell our kids, our grandkids and so forth. This will go down in history, as the greatest community within a blog comments ever formed.

  109. vadermath Says:

    50 years from now when we’re all orbiting Saturn as a collective hivemind I reckon we’ll still be posting comments here πŸ˜€

  110. Did the comments cap out?

  111. Oh I see, if any old members of the Hiatus Crew stop to continue their eternal namesake, and if they need a place to rest, join this discord: https://discord.

  112. arreh Says:

    link expired.

  113. Ian Says:

    Are you guys still doing the discord thing? I have avoided that platform on the various subreddits, but for you guys, I’d make an exception.


  114. Michael Says:

    Guys, I just had a scary thought. What if this blog expires from inactivity by the owner? Where will we go? The hiatus crew refugee crisis might be real.

  115. Ian Says:

    Snap, dude, this could be bad. Surely wordpress has a policy listed somewhere in the fine print. Is one comment every 3-4 months enough to tick the ‘active’ box?

  116. Ian Edwards Says:

    Keepin’ the dream alive, just in case!

  117. vadermath Says:

    heya guys, I’m hoping that all of you are fine during this friggin’ pandemic – randomly thought of you all, if anyone happens to still read it ever again ❀

  118. Ian Says:

    I still pop in from time to time just for the nostalgia. I still get email notifications from this thread, too!

    Quarantine-wise, I’m doin’ alright. Staying in, working from home, makin’ music. How about you?

  119. G Says:

    I’m good, I hope you all are.

  120. arreh Says:

    Man, time eh? Just keeps on going. Blink and it’s a decade later.

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