NPC screen

Simply put, this is an attempt to see if I can survive inside the PC game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion if I run my character like any old random NPC (Non-Player Character). You know, those nondescript, friendly-enough but not terribly important characters you brush by on your way to sell the hundreds of pounds of loot from your latest fortress raid? That’ll be me.

Along the way, I hope to answer some questions:

Does the economic system in Oblivion really work? Can I find a job, and earn enough money to live comfortably? Can I can scrape together enough to move to the big city, maybe even own a small hovel of my own?

Do the other NPCs really lead interesting, multi-faceted lives, or are they just mindless robots following a predetermined path? Will I fit in with them either way?

Is it even possible for a player to live as an NPC? How hard is it to avoid getting sucked into the enormous, sprawling adventure the game has planned for me? Will trouble find me even if I’m not looking for it?


With the help of the idiot pictured above, I’ll find out. No quest to light the Dragonfires, no mansions crammed full of treasure, no heroic deeds of legendary proportions. Just an ordinary guy trying to scratch out a living and blend in with the crowd.


7 Comments on “About”

  1. Darris Says:

    Hey! I am a fan of your work. Unfortunately, I arrived to this party a little to late. I love your Living in Oblivion, Concerned, and 1fort stuff, but theres no real place for the fans of your work to talk openly.

    There is the comments sections of your blogs (which I always check and love), but I feel like there should be more of a community aspect, where we could start discussions and fan fiction works.

    Where you ever considering starting a new forum? If so, that would be great, and I would volunteer to moderate as well.

    Darris Pratt (Darrisbob1)

  2. Timmy Coogan Says:

    Man, u crazy!

  3. Justin Says:

    I agree with Darris. It would be nice to form a community out of these joyous things you’ve made. I’m starting my own non-adventure, similar to yours, but my basis would be a woodsman (I make my living and life in the forest, I only go to cities to sell my goods, or have the occasional drink/walk the streets).

    I also use the M.O.E. Main Quest Delayer, and some other mods (I’m using FCOM, for more challenge but mainly for MMM, so I can craft things out of things I find on the dead body of creatures).

    Keep it up, don’t go dying on us,
    Your journey has been an amazing one.

  4. A concerned citizen. Says:

    Holly freakin’ shit! I stumbled accross this page when browsing The Elder Scrolls Forums, where I found a thread where someone was wondering how long the game would last if it was played like an NPC, where someone promptly linked to this page.

    Thinking it’d be amusing, I clicked on it, where I read the newest post at the time “Day 21 – 23: A Dubious Detour”, thinking it was amusing, and wondering why the Nord was so ugly, I clicked the “About” button to see if it had any answers – which it didn’t – but kept reading. When I finished, I caught a glance at the most recent comment, which spoke of how he was a fan of your other work, when I noticed “Concerned” was amongst the list. And in a surge of excitement, I scrolled up, remembering there was a list of “My Other Sites”, and sure enough, Concerned was on it.

    I was so damn shocked, that I litterly – and I mean litterally – jumped out of my seat. And I never do that!

    So based on my love for Concerned, and nothing more, I am not on my way to the first post to read the whole series, and I imagine I’ll be here ’till the time it ends.

    I hope I didn’t bore you to sleep with my rant (if you even read it), but this is related to the “surge of excitement” I mentioned earlier.

  5. Jetty. Says:

    Man. You have inspired me.
    I downloaded the mods, and am now following in nondricks footprints. I just arrived at chorrol, but I cant find weatherleah (sp?) For the skull. Any tips?

  6. klockwerkapple Says:

    Absolutely compelling. I lost faith in oblivion after I played it near enough the same way so many times but I’m going to repurchase the game so I can have an epic adventure like Nondrick 😛 Can’t wait for the next update.

    Also concerned kicked ass

  7. […] By telprydain The exceedingly clever blog ‘Livin In Oblivion’ has stolen countless hours of productivity from work, and I’ve been inspired. In short, the writer […]

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