Oh Hai

Sorry.  Sorry sorry sorry.

Been caught up in Spore and other things lately — this weekend I shall fire Oblivion back up and continue Nondrick’s quest adventure aimless walking around.

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55 Comments on “Oh Hai”

  1. Wolven Says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to read it! : D

  2. Miral Says:

    I too have been consumed by the massive time-sink that is Spore 🙂

  3. kit Says:

    i understand the spore-eating-ness. clearly, you should make a nondrick in spore.

  4. JSnipe Says:


  5. Flabm Says:

    Spore is nowhere near as engaging as Oblivion. It’s less a ‘life sim’ and more ‘5 simple games end to end’.

  6. Ben Abraham Says:

    I approve this mesasge.

  7. Calcium Says:

    This deserves a happiness level attainable only by a prospector,

    *dances like a happy prospector*

  8. Ally Says:

    Haha I hear you about the spore thing. It sucks the hours right out of you.

  9. Luke Says:

    Glad that you’re OK and all is well. I ended when you were on the boat and just now started again-school and work and all-and am glad we’ll get more Nondrick. I’ve read your stuff sine NMD. You’re great.

  10. Dah Butlah Says:

    Can I haz Nondrick?

  11. Chris H Says:

    Now just try reinstalling Spore 3 more times (*), before you find that EA think you are a pirate, and won’t let you install it 😦 .

    (* A plausible scenario: 1. Virus wrecks Windows, so you have to reinstall Windows & Spore. 2. You buy a newer, more powerful computer. 3. You get bored of Spore, uninstall it to recover all that HD space, and then a year later feel like playing it again… except EA won’t let you.)

  12. Chris H Says:

    (Alternative 1. You install it on your laptop, in addition to your desktop.)

  13. Mevans Says:

    have you made a penis monster yet? if not, we understand if you need to delay, everyone loves a good penis monster!

  14. Jacob Singer Says:

    Well, I’m re-playing The Witcher (new Enhanced Edition) so I can’t take any jabs at ya. But poor Nondrick! Won’t anyone think of the big-nosed fish-faced people?

  15. SyrusRayne Says:


  16. Pringlos Says:

    Why won’t you make a Nondrick in Spore and tell something about his evolving (do Nondricks evolve?) in Spore?

  17. FINALLY!

    Though it would be cool if you made a SPORE version of nondrick.

  18. Alexander Says:


  19. jackrabbit Says:

    GAAAA! I have a shitty computer! Shutupshutupshutupshutupshutup…

    Yay for nondrick and possible expansions thereupon!

  20. mooshakes Says:

    Yay you’re alive! Have you made a Nondrick in spore? He might fit in better there.

  21. redking Says:

    Yay! I only stumbled upon this about a week ago, and after reading all of the previous entries I am hungry for more. Love your stuff man!

    Long live Nondrick!

  22. drago Says:


  23. Nordy Says:

    I just started reading the “adventure” yesterday, I can’t wait for the next one!

  24. Lockyy Says:

    Woooo *Dances*

  25. Addicted Says:

    Yes! Go Nondrick! I can’t wait to read the new one.

  26. Raj Says:

    you lied to us! Where is update!?

  27. Washcloth Says:

    This is a travesty! We want nondrick! WE WANT NONDRICK!



  30. I sure do miss the paper boy

  31. Washcloth Says:

    mhmmmmmm, crunch berries


  33. OR Says:

    OR HOW BOUT YOU START MAKING SENSE! don’t follow Jordan.

    where is nondrick! the weekend is over!

  34. I am Kill The Adoring Fan and OR should make more sense LOOK AT YO NAME

  35. OR Says:

    or as in “or how bout you start making sense” i just needed a name. didn’t need to be a clever one.

  36. Washcloth Says:

    another nondrick-less weekend D:

  37. jackrabbit Says:


    see that? see what i did there? pretty clever huh?

    i’m lonely….

  38. Addicted Says:

    Ack! This whole weekend I was checking to see if there was a new one. THERE WAS NO NEW ONE!!!! Please, please update before we send an angry mob to your house!

  39. :( Says:

    It’s Monday! Where’s Nondrick?! I need my fix, maaaaan!

  40. Washcloth Says:

    hes too busy talking about tf2 D:

  41. Washcloth Says:


  42. Washcloth Says:

    Comrades!, we have stood idely by for FAR TO LONG! How long has it been since we have been givin our dues? We stand here submiting to these public machines without understanding what makes them tick! It is us brothers, we are the key, And everytime we submit to these unjustices we give the upper elite power. NO MORE COMRADES! We band strong together! Remember Worker, your hands hold production. Listen, can you hear it? The capitalist dogs are whispering, They want YOU to subdue to there whishes, what good will this do to us? None! We are the majority, they are the minority! So why do we suffer these grievances? I say NO MORE shall we be treated as the lesser, NO MORE shall the dogs be put on thrones. The time is now brothers, comrades, workers.


  43. Mike Says:

    *Psst* You misspelled “wishes”.

  44. Washcloth Says:

    hey buddy, as far as i know, its all spelled right

  45. Mike Says:

    Well you don’t know very far then, do you?

  46. Wolven Says:

    No Nondrick still? :C

  47. Addicted Says:

    I’ve checked back around fifty times today. WHERE’S MY NONDRICK! I subscribed to you on youtube, man, the least you could do would be to give me a new Nondrick!!!!!!!!!

  48. Wolven Says:

    I’ve probably checked like a billion times over the weekend- and I’m wondering where Nondrick is too!!!

  49. NOOOO!!!!!!!! First i get into trouble at school then my bf breaks up with me and now THIS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGH *sobs*

  50. Too bad that Nondrick can’t team up with Joxar the Mighty! Oh, look! “THE AMAZING RACE” is on now. I have to stop reading and return later.

  51. Walker Says:

    Awesome blog! Keep it up!

  52. Darverses Says:

    You better, he deserves it D:

  53. shweebish Says:

    Will Nondrick be moving to skyrim? Or shall Skyrim find for itself a new non-adventuring hero?

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